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Maschinenbauingnieur - Cottbus

Klient-Nr.: R457 A 25241
gewünschte Tätigkeit: Maschinenbauingnieur
Wohnort: DE 03046 Cottbus
Alter: 31 Jahre
Region: DE 03046 Cottbus im Umkreis von 50 Kilometer
Schulabschluss: Abitur
erlernter Beruf: Maschinenbauingenieur
Arbeitszeit: Vollzeit


Ford Motor Company, Design & Release Engineer (Commercial Vehicles)
  • In charged with development of the battery packs of upcoming BEV programs
  • Managed to supplier quality issues by deep dive approach during site visits
  • Supported component & vehicle level pre-production prototype build phases
  • Composed D-FMEA and SCAAF documentation considering lessons learned
  • Created the 5D & 8D sheets and quotation forms when necessary
  • Contributed to benchmark studies and followed technology trends in the industry closely
  • Adopted to the agile working structure and its dynamics with first time true principle
  • Gained remarkable knowledge in aluminum extrusion, laser welding and stamping processes
  • Reported the in-house production opportunities when tool investment possibility available
  • Maintained the project deliverables in accordance with the application guidelines within the required
  • timeframe and managed the complexity in wide scope of the commercial vehicle types
Ford Motor Company, CAD Design Engineer (B-Car Platform)
  • Mainly focused on aftertreatment sensors and modules belong to powertrain subsystem
  • Leaded to CAD related activities such as generating optimized design proposals using Catia, preparing
  • 2D drawings, analyzing pre-assembly process, conducting tolerance analysis
  • Built design guidelines by considering the quality history and supplier pool’s capabilities
  • Negotiated with suppliers to engaging new production methods also replacing alternative materials
  • which can bring cost and weight efficient design
  • Eliminated or replaced unnecessary fixing clips and hardwares have been using in serial production
  • based on structural component frequency analysis outputs to hit TVM targets
  • Coordinated fresh eyes design review meetings with other engineering commodities
Aygun Aluminum, Manufacturing Planning and Control Engineer
  • As a plant stuff, ensured coordination between logistic and manufacturing teams aligned with the
  • dynamic production rate to maintain supply chain flow
  • Contributed to monitoring quality level of finished goods by implementation of label marking based on
  • BOM content of individual components as a quality control method
  • Created gantt charts to manage flexible manufacturing of various types of facade modules
Groupe Renault, Intern Engineer
  • Got an opportunity to instructed in BIW process included in (I) spot welding (II) automation in
  • manufacturing (III) predictive maintenance (IV) ergonomics and lean principles
  • Participated in an ergonomic improvement project by collecting the existing data regarding human
  • force applied and the time workers spent while carrying loads and assisting to redesign the production
  • cell by adding automated equipment


Steffen Sickert - Karriereberatung
Inhaber: Steffen Sickert
Bahnhofstraße 54
03046 Cottbus
(0355) 43 09 03 97
(0179) 70 01 25 2
+49 (355) 43090399
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